official-cover-crystal-voice-debut-album-angelia-graceCRYSTAL VOICE is the official debut album of visionary soprano and transformational artist – Angèlia Grace. Even though she has released numerous albums and singles before, CRYSTAL VOICE will be a unique compilation of her own original work. For the first time ever she composed her own epic classical crossover music and wrote her songs with actual lyrics. Angèlia Grace is known on YouTube for covering movie soundtracks in tones and sounds, but this time she is setting her mark as a lyrical soprano. Her long awaited debut album which has been in the making for the past 3 years will show her impressive transition from being an instrument to having become an actual singer. Continue reading to discover more juicy details about Angèlia’s promising debut.


The birth of CRYSTAL VOICE


In 2012 Angèlia Grace began her life-changing music journey. It was a time where she was still struggling to find her identity as an artist. She began uploading weekly a capella YouTube videos to experiment with her voice. Slowly but surely she created a following of viewers that have now become loyal super fans that watched her grow over the years into an established music artist.

From the day I decided to take my singing seriously and to turn my passion into a career I felt I began my training. I envisioned myself as a successful artist that is making a positive change in the world with her music reaching millions of people. My dream seemed so big and impossible, but luckily I have loving parents, a supportive manager and team, amazing friends and family and a huge following of fans that have supported me unconditionally throughout all these years. They are my support team that fuel me to turn this vision into a living reality. The day my training is finished and I am ready to launch my career, I will release my debut album CRYSTAL VOICE.



The making of the album


The long awaited album is still fully in the making. The anticipation for its release is growing by every day. Angèlia is promising that it is worth the long wait. Patience will be greatly rewarded when you will get a copy of CRYSTAL VOICE. The album is a compilation of Angèlia’s latest and best original work that she wrote and composed herself.

For many years people have been waiting for the release of CRYSTAL VOICE. There were many times it was ready for release, but then something stopped me and reminded me that I’m not ready yet. The reason being, my voice is growing and still developing at a massive speed. What was good a month ago is incomparible with what I can do now. The growth of my voice is affecting me internally as an artist as well. For a moment I was going through an artistic mid-life crisis. I had to recalibrate and reinvent myself as an artist. I had to come clear on how I want to present myself to the world. This only shows me that I am not ready to launch my debut yet. My debut album feels like a thesis to me. When my study is completed I will be ready to share my gift with the world.

The message behind CRYSTAL VOICE


The songs in CRYSTAL VOICE will be a representation of the essence of Angèlia’s message that she wants to convey to the world. Angèlia’s inspiration for this album came from world events and personal experiences that have changed the course of life. As a transformational artist she wants to be the voice of those that have none. Through her songs she hopes to leave an impact on the listener’s mind that inspire them to be the change they wish to see in the world. Her message is simple: All life is sacred and everything and everyone deserves to live and be loved.

CRYSTAL VOICE is meant to serve as a call to action to be a peace pillar in times of chaos and despair. With all the shocking events going on in the world it is easy to become hopeless and restless. Angèlia wants to remind with the songs released on this album that there is always hope. In fact, YOU are the hope for the world as long as you are alive. When you live, you can make a difference. There is no point in watching the news and feel sorry for those that are suffering if you don’t do anything about it. Stand up for a cause you believe in and shine your light. It will inspire others to do the same.

I am here to be the voice of those that have none. I want to make people aware through my songs and to remind them that all life is sacred and that all living beings deserve to live in peace & happiness and to be loved. I want to be a humanitarian representing those who have lost their voice and have been deprived from living life in peace, in joy, in happiness and in love with the respect they deserve through my music. CRYSTAL VOICE is the voice of the suffering planet that pleads for help.


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