Angelic Healing Sleep (download)


Allow the mind chatter to slowly turn into inner silence with the Angelic Healing Sleep therapy download. Angèlia Grace sings for 1 hour with her Angelic soothing voice with no beginning nor ending.


Do you find it difficult to fall a sleep? Is your mind always “talking” to you? Do you have millions of thoughts going through your mind? Would you want to experience true silence and peace inside of your head and in your life? Than the Angelic Healing Sleep is for you…

Angelic Healing Sleep is a powerful therapeutic cd that allows the listener to calm down their minds, making it much easier to fall asleep, to rest, to meditate and just simply relax.

The Angelic tone of Angèlia Grace lowers the brainwave activity which allows the mind to calm down and to reach the Alpha state. Many who listen to this cd will experience as if a cloud wrapping them up in a very peaceful tranquil state of mind.

The cd has proven to heal on emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical levels. This cd is especially popular among healers and (massage) therapists especially because it is a one hour track which makes it easy for the therapist to work on a 1 hour session with their client. The music of this particular cd really helps to calm down their clients and to fully relax so the healing can take place on much deeper levels.

What is so special about this cd is that Angèlia Grace sings for exactly 1 hour with no beginning nor ending. You can listen to this cd eternally if you would want to. That’s why this cd is great to play as background music, allowing a peaceful, soothing, calming energy to fill up your environment.